Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Art Explorers - Winter/Spring 2015

Our Art Explorers Winter/Spring 2015 Classes are well on their way 
and the students have some great stuff to show for it.

After learning how to draw the proportions of the face,
we moved into drawing our own portraits with a Modigliani twist.
The results were AWESOME!

Maya age 8

Aliveah age 8

Brady age 8

Niki age 12

Carly age 10

The students finished up their bubble projects last night.
The project taught them about reflective color 
and working with see through objects.
I love all the colors they added and how
each student had their own take on how to draw them.

Niki age 12

Maya age 8

Brady age 8

In addition to my regular Art Explorers art classes this session
I had the pleasure of teaching a personal pastel class as well.
This student has been taking classes with me for a few years now 
and expressed an interest in learning more about working with pastels. 
This was her final project and I think she did an amazing job!

Mary age 10

Our final project in Art Explorers this session 
was working with a tree silhouette, and blending watercolors.
I love how different each one came out.

Maya age 8

Aliveah age 8

Brady age 8

I can't believe the Winter/Spring session is already over.
I had so much fun working with my students and I am just so proud of them.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Just a few of my Licensed Products of 2014

Last year was a very busy year for me. 
With so much going on I never got the chance 
to post some of my licensed products.
So here is a look back in 2014!

Here are Cocktail Napkins that were sold
at the Christmas Tree Shoppes
over the summer months.
Served best with drink of your choice.

Here is my Cornucopia Flag 
that was sold at Menard's in the fall.

The Ball Corporation picked up my 
Christmas on the Coast collection 
and made these tins. 
I wanted to hand cookies out in them for Christmas,
but I loved them so much I kept them.  
Shhh don't tell anybody.

Conimar picked up the same collection and produced reversible 
placemats, paper placemats, mugs, car coasters, square coasters, 
round coasters, signs, and trivets.
It was definitely a Christmas on the Coast kind of year!


In January of 2014 I started working for TSC Giftables.
This is a newer company that needed an artist who knew about the 
gift market and could produce art for them to fit along a long list of product lines.

Their products are of a very high quality and I consider myself so lucky to be working for them.
It's been awesome seeing my art on their products.

This is the square tray from my Hibiscus Blossom Collection.

Here is some of the collection that was shown at the Atlanta Gift Show.
Added to this collection, but not shown here, are coasters,
table runners, kitchen towels, place mats and napkins.

This is the oval tray from my Lemon Garden collection.
The picture doesn't really do it justice but I really just love how the product came out.
I can't wait to use this on my patio when it gets warmer. 

Here is the vanity tray to the same collection.

This was the cover to their Spring Supplement Collection.
I was honored they chose one of my collections to showcase.
This Lemon Garden collection consists of a large size tray, a vanity size tray, 
a square tray, an oval tray, a waste bin, a decorative pillow, coasters,
placemats & napkins, a table runner,  and a kitchen towel.

This was the large tray from my Peacock Collection.

This is the waste bin from the same collection.
The peacock collection consists of a large size tray, a vanity size tray, 
a square tray, an oval tray, a waste bin, a decorative pillow, and coasters.

This is the large tray from my Coastal Breeze Collection.
This collection consists of a large size tray, a square tray, 
a vanity tray, an oval tray, a waste bin, a decorative pillow, 
coasters, a place mats, napkins, a table runner, and a kitchen towel.

Here is the decorative pillow from the same Collection.

Here is another photo from the Atlanta Gift Show.

2014 was a great year and I am looking forward to what 2015 will bring.